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We met on the highway   I had been a single mom for a couple of years by myself since her father decided not to be a part of our everyday lives.
Looked: 4324
Love around the Planet   9 months and 16 days ago I met the man I want to marry. Online one day I had just began investigating chat rooms and was very confused and amazed as a 16 yr.
Looked: 4317
Luckiest girl in the world   About 2 years ago I started talkin to a guy who lives in Madrid. We started out as friends, always flirting with each other but then the summer of "97 I was in Madrid for vacation and we finally met and totally hit it off.
Looked: 4330
Married But Not to Each Other.   How do I begin to tell you about this love in my life. We met unexpectedly and I never knew I could love this way for anyone or that a love so strong could exist.
Looked: 4294
Chatline   Well...we met on a chatline, it was really kind of messy, actually. He had just gotten out of a cyber-relationship with a girl that had gotten maybe a LITTLE too attatched to him, they had taken it off the internet and to the phone, letters, etc, and he decided that it was getting too involved, and so he decided to break it off.
Looked: 4303
Story by James   I don"t know if this will be "da Kine" story you get... I"m from a small town in New England and for the last two years have been chatting with what I feel has been the one True love of my life.
Looked: 4375
Got to believe in magic!!!   Its really amazing that I met my fiancee thru the internet. We began sending emails everyday...and as days went by, something very beautiful and meaningful was developed.
Looked: 4353
I met Aloha in the Hawaii Chat Universe   About a week ago. As I began to learn about him I fell more and more in love with his heart. He has made me feel as no other has ever made me feel, full of warmth and happiness.
Looked: 4335
Story by Laura   It was early in October, 1995. I"d only been on chat lines a few times before, and had little idea what to expect from the people I met.
Looked: 4306
Lili   My live-in boyfriend has really gotten into his computer, and his on-line friends. They are all women.
Looked: 4309
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