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Activists: prostitution should be legal
The world`s oldest profession should be decriminalized and treated like any other business, international activists at a Hong Kong conference on prostitution said on Sunday. Prostitutes are abused by policemen who demand free sex and then arrest them for soliciting and they are victimized by politicians who launch crackdowns to woo voters, speakers at the conference said.


Russian Museum to Exhibit Rasputin`s Penis
I went to tons of links before this, what was I thinknig?


The sexiest Big Brother
Hi Paul,Thank you for all your patience and pisressionalfom in doing the photo shoot for Toujours. Many, many hours were spent to achieve the perfect lighting to showcase the products to their best. Silver is not always easy to work with (as we discovered) but you did a tremendous job at testing and finding the best way to showcase the jewellery. You must not be so hard on yourself as the shots turned out amazing!! I could not be happier For those who are looking for a photographer to simply shoot their products, Paul is not the guy. For those who are looking for a professional photographer with a unique, artistic eye to showcase any subject Paul (Moving Pixels) is definitely your guy. If perfection is what you seek, perfection is what you will find with Moving Pixels highly recommended.


3 for phone porn in growing market
HUTCHISON has broken the ice on mobile phone porn services and other network operators are warming to the thought of fresh revenue from plonking porn on punters` handsets. Mobile carrier 3, best known for its third-generation video phone network, has begun selling a range of Playboy pictures and videos that can be downloaded directly to a phone.


100 years of porn films
ONLY the French could have pulled this one off. Nearly a century after a group of Parisian prostitutes, moonlighting film crews and brothel regulars got together to create some of the first porn films in history, the Gallic skin-flicks have arrived in Britain and re-written the rules governing adult movies in the UK. The selection of early French porn called Polissons et Galipettes (Rascals and Acrobatics), but released in the UK as The Good Old Naughty Days, was shown in London on Friday and is set to be screened in Edinburgh later this year. It will also be released nationwide on DVD and video

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