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Why xmantube.com porn videos are good for you?

Today, free porn videos are blamed for many things – starting from a decreased sexual desire of husbands, leading to dissatisfaction of their wives and up to growth of domestic violence. We may believe it or not, but what is more interesting is whether there are any proven upsides of enjoying your favorite free porn videos, for example at xmantube.com?

Almost ten years ago, when volumes of free porn available on web just started growing, one of the New York magazine journalists stated that porn is distracting men from real women, which will definitely lead to demographic decrease in the nearest future. Nine and a half years later we can say that she was wrong and according to the statistics, we even do somewhat better.

Sex and porn were always tabooed and blamed in our society, as well as in many other religious and puritan countries worldwide. Without digging into the difficult subject of fate, let’s just say that there are no scientific proofs of any damages of porn upon human brain, whatsoever. Moreover, many progressive cultures of all historical periods were praising sex and sexual orgies, which did not affect their glory, cultural and military achievements – ancient Greece and Rome are good examples of the cultures, which treated sex, lust and even debauchery as virtues.

What do scientists say?

Porn videos, pictures and other materials are not harmful in themselves and are unable to cause any damage to healthy, mentally stable people, aware of their sexuality and free in their choices and preferences. Moreover, porn can show them new ways of exploring their body, satisfying their sexual desires and reaching new levels of pleasure, which is essential for stable emotional background and the production of endorphins and dopamine.

Therefore, xmantube.com is a great place to enjoy free porn videos and feel healthy, happy and fully satisfied! Just don’t forget that porn is a great user manual that should be applied on real world partners.

Опубликовано: 11.12.2015
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